TUSSLE is an independent artist-run online publication and  project platform.


TUSSLE MAGAZINE was founded in 2013 and is currently located in New York City. Tussle showcases contemporary art in the form of interviews, studio visits, and exhibition reviews.

TussleProjects is an online exhibition and platform for collaborations and projects which came to fruition in 2020 during the global pandemic.



Laura Horne, is a curator at TussleProjects, a writer and artist living and working in New York City.



Jonathan Goodman, is a poet and art writer who has covered New York art for three decades. He takes a special interest in sculpture and in new art from Asia.

Lee Gaul is a musician living in New York City.

Ashley Johnson is an artist living in Toronto.


Amanda Konishi is an artist from California living and working in New York City.


Miklos Legrady is an artist and writer living in Toronto.

Judy Zhong is an educator and artist living and working in Toronto.