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TUSSLE was established in 2013 in Toronto as a response to a scarcity of art coverage in the region and the rising popularity of online art publications globally. Spearheaded by Laura Horne, an independent artist and curator, with the help of her colleague at the time, Judy Zhong, TUSSLE was born.


In addition to promoting innovative and cutting-edge artistic expressions and providing a dynamic platform to showcase contemporary art, TUSSLE is also dedicated to fostering a community of diverse artists and art enthusiasts. The platform is committed to highlighting the works of emerging and established artists and creating opportunities for collaboration and engagement between artists and their audiences. TUSSLE strives to be a hub for creative inspiration, a place where artists and art lovers can come together to celebrate the beauty and power of artistic expression.


TUSSLE has evolved into an acclaimed online publication and exhibition project platform. In 2020, TUSSLE expanded its reach with the creation of TUSSLEProjects, an online exhibition platform that celebrates collaborations and projects between artists. With its intuitive and visually engaging interface, TUSSLEProjects has provided artists with a dynamic platform to showcase their works and engage with a global audience, further cementing TUSSLE's position as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary art scene.


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Founder / Editor:

Laura Horne, is a curator at TussleProjects, a writer and artist living and working in New York City.



Will Corwin,  is a visual artist, writer, and curator living and working in New York City.

Jonathan Goodman, is a poet and art writer who has covered New York art for three decades. He takes a special interest in sculpture and in new art from Asia.

Saul Ostrow, is an American art critic and art curator. In 1972 Ostrow received his MFA in art from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Ostrow was the editor of the book series Critical Voices in Art, Theory and Culture published by Routledge London and is the Art Editor at Large for Bomb Magazine.

Gwenael Kerlidou is a French-born abstract painter living in Brooklyn who occasionally writes on painting.

David Rhodes is an artist and writer who was born in Manchester, UK (1955). After living in London, Berlin, and Barcelona he now lives and works in New York. 

Joanna Seifter is a writer, artist and museum programmer living and working in New York City.

Hannah Hightman, is a writer and collage artist from Northern California. She’s contributed to The A.V. Club, HelloGiggles, V Magazine, and more.

Lee Gaul is a musician living in New York City.

Ashley Johnson is an artist living in Toronto.


Amanda Konishi is an artist from California living and working in New York City.


Miklos Legrady is an artist and writer living in Toronto.

Judy Zhong is an educator and artist living and working in Toronto.

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