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Below is an interview with Power Plant Director Gaëtane Verna who explains a bit of the history of the Power Plant and this fundraiser and a bit about what you will be seeing. The slide show above  are our pictures from the evening!


Date: Jun, 04 2015 | 7:00pm


Location:The Power Plant

231 Queens Quay West,Toronto

Tussle Magazine: May you explain the inception of the Power Ball?



Gaëtane Verna: From its inception in 1999, Power Ball thrives as an ambitious fundraising event that provides vital funds for exhibitions and public programs at The Power Plant. The party is one of the most influential and vibrant art galas in Toronto attracting a sophisticated ‘Who’s Who’ of guests and artists, in turn bringing together the worlds of fashion, film, media, finance, advertising, music, and the visual arts.


TM: How did the theme/title Appetite for Excess come about?


GV: Excess sets the stage for an unparalleled experience and for the savouring of the special treats in life.  It suggests performances at new levels of excellence, lavish food, indulgent music, people you are dying to meet, and much more.  These are all trademarks of the Power Plant and the Power Ball.


TM: Does the raised money from the event go towards anything specific or just the daily functions of the Power Plant?


GV: The Power Ball is all about raising funds that are much needed for the gallery's extensive exhibitions, publications and thought provoking education and public programs. This enables us to offer cutting edge contemporary art through exhibitions and commissions of new works by Canadian and international artists. We always strive to create unique experiences for our diverse audience.


TM: Can you outline some highlights of the Power Plants upcoming exhibition program?


GV: This summer, The Power Plant exhibitions look and reflect on the very nature of collaboration and contemporary collectives in the context of TORONTO 2015 Pan American / Parapan American Games. The Gallery will present solo exhibitions featuring commissioned projects by collectives Bik Van der Pol (Netherlands), Tercerunquinto (Mexico) and YES! Association/Föreningen JA! (USA and SWEDEN) Juxtaposing these commissioned installations is a new collaborative project by Toronto-based artists Nadia Belerique, Lili-Huston Herterich and Laurie Kang. For the fall 2015 season, The Power Plant presents Invention in Toronto by Canadian artist Mark Lewis.  The gallery will also feature I See Words, I Hear Voices by Spanish artist Dora García.  The Power Plant also collaborates with Nuit Blanche Toronto and will present Black Cloud from Mexican artist Carlos Amorales, an installation of 30,000 black moths cut out of paper and clinging to the walls and ceiling of The Power Plant´s Fleck Clerestory.


TM: Does the Power Plant host any other fundraising events?


GV: The Power Plant also host Face to Face, an intimate event that includes a conversation between a leading artist and cultural producer and culminates in an intimate sit-down dinner. In the past we have hosted Mike Nelson, Marina Abramović, Simon Starling, Pae White, Ian Wallace to name a few.


TM: How many years has the Power Plant been in the current location?


GV: The Power Plant was founded in 1987 and has been at the current location since May 1st of that year.  Since its inception 28 years ago, the gallery quickly became Canada’s leading public art gallery devoted to the presentation of contemporary Canadian and International art, artists and ideas through exhibitions, publications, talks, and events.


TM: How has the location changed over the years?


GV: The gallery has seen significant changes in 28 years and it would be too long to enumerate here.  I can say the gallery has been reconfigured to be better suited for today’s contemporary art world and the exhibitions we want to bring in Toronto.


TM: Is there anything that you would like to add about the Power Ball XVII or the Power Plant?


GV: The Power Ball theme for this year, “Appetite for Excess” investigates the fine line between decadence, which can be elegantly opulent, and debauchery, which is a sort of over-the-top, point-of-no-return state, through visual art, music, fashion and food. Thanks to American artist Jennifer Rubell, Canadian artists 8-eleven, Karen Kraven, and Orest Tataryn, guests have to be prepared to momentarily leave their comfort zone and just expect the unexpected in a gallery transformed for one night only by a series of newly commissioned works produced for Power Ball XVII. Come meet, greet and appreciate the friends of The Power Plant in a fun and informal environment while raising funds to ensure the gallery remains on the cutting edge of what is happening today in the art world.


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