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On the Edge of the Infinite Part II

THE ACTIVE SPACE, 566 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn


NOVEMBER 18, 2023 6-9pm performance starts at 8pm



Ryan DaWalt

Katie Hubbell

Todd Kelly

Jamie Mirabella

Janel Schultz


Performance by Kristen Heritage

The second iteration of On the Edge of the Infinite curated by Laura Horne, Steven Pestana and Sophia Sobers, includes work by Katie Hubbell, Ryan DaWalt, Todd Kelly, Jamie Mirabella and Janel Schultz with a performance by Kristen Heritage. This exhibition explores transitional experiences between known and unknown realities. The artists use repetitive, meditative approaches to provoke phenomenological confrontations and dissociation from ordinary perception.

Todd Kelly

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Ryan DaWalt

Hubbell’s durational video work extends into the cyclical world of invertebrates, the slow hypnotic movement of snails and worms act as conduits to higher states. Ryan DaWalt and Janel Schultz use repetitive motions and patterns to create symbolic gestures to access the spiritual and sublime natures of the human psyche. Todd Kelly and Jamie Mirabella construct their works with objects, Kelly with stretchers and canvas and Mirabella with photographs. Kelly’s 3D paintings are very tactile and architectural, patterns and personal images create visceral homages to past experiences. Mirabella’s photographic mash ups move into the surreal, questioning the function and form underlining the beauty of color and shape. Kristen Heritage's insomnia inspired electric guitar performance relates to ideas of distorted or elastic time, a key facet of experiences at the edge of the perceivable.

Janel Shultz

Jamie Mirabella (Header Image)

Hovering between abstraction and representation, these works map the contours of infinite interiors. Simple gestures become solemn rituals. Random items are imbued with new potency. The viewer is left poised on the edge of the infinite, somewhere between meaning and meaninglessness as we all approach the threshold.

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