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an interview with Casey Houses' Chief Development Officer, Steven Endicott

TUSSLE MAGAZINE: What are the challenges with organizing a fundraiser auction on this scale?


Steven Endicott, Chief Development Officer at Casey HouseArt with Heart is Casey House’s largest single annual fundraising event, and the proceeds account for about half of what is needed to support the Community Program each year, providing direct care for those in our community struggling with HIV/AIDS.  One of the greatest challenges for our Curatorial Committee is choosing from among hundreds of submissions to finalize a balanced auction collection of some 80 works.  We are grateful to all the artists and galleries who put work forward for consideration – their generosity toward Casey House is astounding.


TUSSLE MAGAZINE: How are the artists for the auction selected?


Steven Endicott: Casey House is fortunate to have a dedicated curatorial committee whose

responsibility it is to reach out to galleries and dealers across the country to ask for work for

the auction.  The committee is comprised of artists, art collectors, curators and art buyers, and

each year they balance the collection with work from celebrated and emerging artists.  They

meet regularly and intensively from February through April and pore over hundreds of submissions

to finalize the auction collection.  


TUSSLE MAGAZINE: Does Casey House offer any other support to artists through out the year? If so what?


Steven Endicott: Planning for Art with Heart is a year-round endeavour, and we are grateful to

the many galleries and artists who submit work for consideration.  In June, our patrons were treated

to studio visits for five of the artists contributing to this year’s collection.  Each artist discussed their

practice, spoke about their work in the auction, and shared their thoughts on another piece.  It was

a very insightful and inspiring event.


TUSSLE MAGAZINE: Can you outline some of the programs or services that the money raised will help fund?


Steven Endicott: The proceeds from Art with Heart support Casey House’s Community Program,

including Home Care and Outreach Programs.  Through these initiatives, our skilled team of registered

nurses and social workers provide direct in-home care for clients struggling with HIV/AIDS, usually with 

at least five other major health complications on top of that.  Funds raised at Art with Heart also 

benefit Casey House’s Recreation Therapy program, which includes art therapy.   


TUSSLE MAGAZINE:  What are some highlights of this auction that you are excited about?


Steven Endicott: We are especially pleased to be offering a work by Jana Sterbak, Generic Man.  

This work was originally presented to the public in 1989, the year after Casey House opened its doors,

at the Galerie René Blouin and sold instantly to museums.  Thankfully for collectors, the work was re-

editioned in 2013 and this edition is one of the few remaining…and a tremendous opportunity for Art

with Heart bidders.


We’re also very excited about this year’s Gallery of Patrons Limited Edition – Our Arrangement 

(2 Anchors, 2 Variants) by Mark Clintberg, depicting two figures that resemble anchors.  Each of 

the twenty-five pieces in the edition features a unique combination of coloured neon tubing, 

and it is the first time we have offered a work in neon at Art with Heart.


TUSSLE MAGAZINE:Are there any plans to expand the auction in the future? (incorporate more artists, less 

established and more established?)


Steven Endicott: This year’s auction consists of 87 works of art, which we believe is the right number to keep our 

guests engaged and excited, so I don’t expect we will be working toward a collection beyond 

that size.  Art with Heart celebrates its 22nd edition this year, and we are always looking for ways 

to offer new and exciting initiatives to enhance the experience for our guests. 


TUSSLE MAGAZINE: How do you feel about art as therapy, is it a facet that is used when providing care for 



Steven Endicott: Art therapy is an important element of the Recreation Therapy program at

Casey House, which is also supported by proceeds from Art with Heart.  Our clients, many of

whom experience issues of isolation and stigma, find personal expression through art therapy

to be a critical component in their healing.

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