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Mario Loprete: an element of aggregation in a reality


Mario Loprete explains his process of capturing peoples' souls by preserving their clothes in concrete. Loprete lives in Catanzaro which is known as the city of the two seas. It is an Italian city of 91,000 inhabitants (2013) and the capital of the Calabria region and of its province. 

"My not wanting to be the voice of the ghetto (I live in Catanzaro!?!) But an element of aggregation in a reality, where it is true that the geographical distances have been reset, but it is true that we reject everything that is different from us."


"My continued research has led me to use a new support: reinforced concrete, a material created thousands of years ago by the Romans, but at the same time. It is the contemporary material that most of all symbolizes Western industrialization and modernity. Every latitude is used as a basis for the Writers to explore their creativity. Likewise, I use cement as a support for my oils. My wish is to bring the city, the urban style, the contemporary into homes, galleries and museums."


"The process to realize my concrete sculptures are simple: I take the clothes of common use and with gesso, concrete, and resin I fix them to represent the soul of his owner."

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