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Tasman Richardson   Febuary 13th, 2014


LHG: What were your first impressions of the London art fair, what were your lasting impressions?


TR: First impression was that the main London Art Fair was very light on meaningful art. It was mostly widgets and punch lines for hanging in your bathroom, or matching the rug, that sort of thing. Very few works that had any merit in my not so humble, obnoxious, and overly critical opinion.The Art projects space is a special section of the fair, normally reserved for young galleries but I not sure what they meant by that because it seemed more like the only section with any real art at all. The booths were more daring, even modified in some cases. Almost everyone painted and customized the lighting. There were really daring avant garde works throughout the art projects section. It kicked so much ass.


LHG: What works did you show? With which gallery? Was this your first time showing at the fair?


TR: I was showing with The Residence Gallery. You may have read the interview in Canadian Art a while back. It was between RM Vaughn and Ingrid Zeltins, she’s the owner / director / gallerist.She asked for limited edition USBs that were handmade metal with handmade black book cloth cases. She also selected the videos she wanted from my collection so it was a curated booth as well as a curated section of the fair… the galleries in Art Projects are selected, not just paying to be there as far as I know, although I’m sure it’s possible to buy space.I screened Memorial (Joan of Arc video from Necropolis), The Life of Death (Rod Serling stop motion animation), Paradise Disko, and a recording of my live performance Firing Squad. I even got to perform Firing Squad live in the booth to a massive crowd! hah! it was really cool. Mike Ballard and Declan Rooney were showing with me too so it was a rock solid arrangement. lots of collage and appropriation going on. plus a nice contrast between spectacle and minimal anticipation… Declan makes some very subtle videos that are slow paced meditations. my videos were blasting him from the opposite wall. ahaha! good times.


LHG: Any shows coming up in Toronto?


TR: I’m finally going to make some lenticular prints and a new, very simple video experimental installation all at Neubacher Shor Contemporary in June. Going to get started on those right away. sadly, my grant fell through so I have to pay out of pocket which will be very $$$ but I need to do it. I have to see it through now.


LHG: Any new projects?


TR: Robin in France might set up a tour in the Fall. I’ll need to make a new performance for that. If I’m diligent, lucky, and fall into some cash, I might be able to get a grant to turn Hydra into a proper instrument so I can carry it in a box, roll it on a plane, and expose some of Europe to the beast!


Self Portrait, @ The Residence Gallery, UK, 2014

Pavement Verse, (Possible location for the Zen Sweepers), digital collage, c-type print, Limited Edition 1 of 3, 2013. 103cm x 73cm. 

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