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the Portrait
 March 1 - April 1, 2021

extended through APRIL, 2021


Ciprian BUZILA  Angel DOUGHERTY   Amelia GALGON   Robert HON

Julie Marie SEIBERT   Gabriella MORENO  Kassandra PALMER   Daisuke TAKEYA 

Oakley TAPOLA   Peggy Taylor REID   Mallory SM   Maria STRACKE   Carrie WILMARTH   Noelle VELEZ

TussleProjects is excited to present "the Portrait", an online group exhibition curated by Laura Horne which includes the work of 18 artists all created within the last year. 

This exhibition presents the portrait as a basic substructure of humanity; how do we ‘delicately’ approach identity, collective experiences, and collective politics through portraiture? Portraiture is a study of the intricate notions of the self, the other, and the spaces we occupy. Whether presented honestly or falsely, portraiture nevertheless presents a subject in the infinite present. Can portraiture still follow this same paradigm given all of the differences collective isolation presents for the future of our identity as whole? 

"Now let's define great portraiture. It makes companionable for you a person who is identified or unknown, perhaps remote from you in geography or time (even dead, no matter), different from you in ways big or small, a lot or only the littlest bit like you in other ways, and, all in all, another exceedingly specific inhabitant of a certain planet, amid everything that cannot help but be." - Peter Schjeldahl.

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