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Please Join us on August 19, 6-9pm at the Active Space, 566 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, performances start at 7pm

On the Edge of the Infinite

Steven Pestana, Sophia Sobers, Jonathan Sims, and Laura Horne

The fascination with the end of time has always held a strong grip on our cultural psyche, inspiring countless works of art throughout history. "On the Edge of the Infinite" explores this fascination, focusing on the space between an ending and the limitless unknown. The artists featured in this one-night event use soundscapes and light to express the shared experience of change, release, and the finality of arrival.

Jonathan Sims' captivating light structures place the viewer in a realm of endless possibilities, a transitional space filled with colors that hint at realities beyond our everyday experiences. In this otherworldly setting, Steven Pestana brings the environment to life with live sonic improvisations reminiscent of Steve Reich, Sunn O))) and My Bloody Valentine, guiding the audience through repeated cycles of anticipation and resolution. Laura Horne and Sophia Sobers add another layer to the sensory experience, their carefully constructed sound and projection pieces adrift throughout the space, reminiscent of the last notes of a finished symphony.

These works, in conversation with each other, move away from literal depictions of endings and instead become reflections on the edge of the unknown, the boundary between the past and the future. "On the Edge of the Infinite" is a tribute to the timeless human tradition of envisioning the end, a bold attempt to understand the inherently elusive nature of finality.

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Steven Pestana is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist. He holds a BA in Art History from New York University and an MFA in Digital Media from the Rhode Island School of Design. Pestana's work has been showcased at venues including the Rubin Museum, Spring/Break Art Show, Satellite Art Show, Rhode Island College, and the Boston Center for the Arts. He has been honored with a Puffin Grant and has participated in residencies at institutions such as the Vermont Studio Center, Mass MoCA, Santa Fe Art Institute, CalArts, and Otis College. In the spring of 2023, Ohio State University hosted Pestana's sixth solo exhibition. The same year, he was distinguished with an Artist's Grant from The Rogers Art Foundation.


Jonathan Sims is a New York City based visual artist. His visual arts practice uses geometric abstractions and light as means to better understand human experience. By creating original, non-objective physical and digital artifacts, Sims seeks the underlying geometry of all things, with full awareness that the geometries of our universe, societies, thinking, and emotions innately refuse comprehension. Instead of demanding answers, his work is satisfied with finding patterns in the questions themselves as a way to understand those who ask them.


Laura Horne is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and curator born in England and educated in Canada. She currently lives and works in New York City. Horne uses lens based mediums in her installations with sound which relate to the history of objects and experiences. 

Past gallery representation; SB Contemporary, Windsor (2016 - 2019); selected exhibitions; Spring/Break, NY (2022) Field Projects , NY, Zoonotic Hex (2022), Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, From Dark to Light, (2020) NUIT BLANCHE, Toronto (2015).

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