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LHG: What are you enjoying the most in your new environment?


CL: I’m particularly taken with the different materials available here (Germany compared to North America), a search for something familiar so often leads to something new. As a maker this is extremely stimulating, stumbling across possibilities that wouldn’t have occurred to me before. Starting a new project in a new space, it’s refreshing, exciting. I think I’m enjoying it all the more because I had much anxiety about that very thing. My studio in Toronto was a haven, it felt more home than home, I’ll admit it was difficult to imagine an alternative. Comfort has it’s qualities, undoubtedly, but I’m enjoying the new rhythm.


LHG: Any new influences?


CL: Interesting question, presumably much more than I’m conscious of at the present moment.


LHG: What are you up too work wise?


CL: Again, something new- shortly before leaving Toronto I was invited to produce a project for the Toronto Animated Image Society and participate in a group exhibition thematically exploring op-art. This is very exciting for me, I used to work as a fabricator for stop-motion animation projects -music videos, television, film- though I’ve never produced one myself. Much of my current practice developed from techniques I learned during that time; returning to time based work as a medium is extremely fulfilling, it’s great to make a thing and watch it go. The piece I’m working on is a stop motion film visually illustrating the concept of biophony and geophony phenomenon.



Self Portrait, studio Berlin, Germany, 2014

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