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Sandra Hamburg

On the Edge of the Infinite
Part III

Saturday, January 20th, 6-9 PM 

The Active Space, 566 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn

Curated by Laura Horne, Steven Pestana, and Sophia Sobers

This moment is rich with increasing awareness around our interconnectedness with the broader world. For the third iteration of the one-night-only series of events “On the Edge of the Infinite”, Ursula Endlicher, Sandra Hamburg, Caroline Voagen Nelson, and the Testu Collective, bring together a group of artworks that sheds light on these intricate entanglements. Bound by a shared fascination with relationality, these four artists create works that reflect and engage in dialogue with their environment, softening the lines dividing self from space and merging individuality with the external world.  In continuous conversation with the environment, these artworks soften the lines dividing self from space, merging individuality with the external world.


Sandra Hamburg combines photography and sculpture to explore the dynamic relationship between action and performance, spectator and object, stasis and motion. Ursula Endlicher's AR performance environment reveals digital secrets hidden in the natural world beyond the gallery walls. Caroline Voagen Nelson's "CHANGE FOR A RIDE" is a projection-mapped sculpture simulating an amusement park, exploring the implications in movements of currency and value. Testu Collective will present a live A/V performance interacting with and translating unseen forces in the ambient space into sound and vision. Together, these artworks push toward the edge of entangled action, environment, and perception in an interconnected world.

 Caroline Voagen Nelson

Ursula Endlicher

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