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On the Edge of the Infinite
Part IV

Please join us at:
The Active Space
566 Johnson Ave., Bushwick

Saturday, MAY 11, 2024
6 - 9 pm

Featuring artists:
Carla Gannis
Kyle Hittmeier
Tim Kastelijns

and a performance
by Eileen Kornreich
and gigi murray

Curated by:
Laura Horne
Steven Pestana
Sophia Sobers

Human behavior and the physical world are increasingly distorted by online discourse generated by bots, opaque algorithms, and social media agitation. In the fourth iteration of “On the Edge of the Infinite,” a series of one-night-only art events, Carla Gannis, Kyle Hittmeier, Tim Kastelijns, and Eileen O’Kane Kornreich in collaboration with gigi murray, explore the possibility of real-world agency amid the pervasive influence of pseudo-narratives and online artifice. Using landscape, self-portraiture, and the human body, their work maps the contemporary conditions of being human through an increasingly virtual world. 


Carla Gannis' "UFOs: Uncanny Female Objects" combines AI-generated imagery with tangible media, challenging the delineations between digital illusion and organic reality. Gannis’s digital constructs become physical assemblages, exploring contemporary life's "pretty-ugly" aesthetics.


Kyle Hittmeier's video installation casts a critical eye on the financial opulence in Davos, interrogating the hidden truths beneath economic grandeur. Hittmeier exposes the underlying tensions and inequity of secretive banking practices, spectacular wealth, and global economic policymaking against a backdrop of the scenic Swiss Alps.


Tim Kastelijns’ screen-based sculptures contemplate intertwining digital personas and real interactions. Generating glitchy, distorted images with the help of a digital entity called Intex, Kastelijns’s real-time processes reflect how digital identities and technologies shape and are shaped by human experiences. 


In their collaborative performance "Mutualism", Painter Eileen O’Kane Kornreich and poet-model gigi murray use the transient impressions of shadows and spoken words to explore deeper human connections in the physical world. Performing a live, multisensory experience to attempt the capture of fleeting shadows and emotions, this duo illustrates their connection and interdependency.


For one night only, “One the Edge of the Infinite Part IV” invites contemplation of how our world might be disrupted by the encroachment of the distorted and illusory world of online discourse while seeking deeper interpersonal connections in the physical world.


Carla Gannis


Tim Kastelijns (header video)


Kyle Hittmeier

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