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Eileen O’Kane Kornreich  

Pleasures of Duality, Opening Gallery, Tribeca through April 14, 2024.

Interview and exhibition review
by Gary Ryan, 04/04/2024


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InterviewEileen O’Kane Kornreich
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Eileen O’Kane Kornreich works in mixed media with a hard lean towards painting and what she calls ‘drawing’, manifesting in this exhibition. She has a penchant for getting involved in an almost collaborative dynamic with her models. Who they are as individuals becomes embedded in works incorporating their poses. Their names often find their way into the titles of the works coming from their poses.

Eileen’s work is reminiscent of the Picasso quote, “It took me four years to learn to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Her canvases have the look and feel of primitivism and ecstatic markings. They are straightforward, and not at all overworked. There is a freshness about them. 

For this show she also created what she calls a ‘super-zine’ which serves as a kind of study for this show, and near-catalog—It is way bigger than a normal zine and is excellently printed on heavy card stock. The images are rendered at a very high level. The colors are true and spot on. The zine is hardy, not precious, and satisfying to wander through.

The overall look and feel of this show of paintings and works on paper invites us to observe a mature artist realizing accomplished thoughts, ideas, struggles, and remembrances that work and are deeply satisfying. 

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