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Gregory Ferrand

“They’ll Work It Out” 


When I sat down to sketch out my ideas for this painting, I came at it from a place I often start from when planning something new, by thinking about family. I’m particularly interested in the tension between familial myth-making and the reality of a family’s dynamics because I see the same patterns play out on the larger stage that is society.


And so one idea bleeds into another; I find myself working on a painting about family, parenting, generational obstacles to understanding, technology as a connector and alienator, the use of social media to engage in an “act” on social justice issues, and the fact that in the end we alone are responsible for ourselves and the world we live in and leave behind.


I didn’t have a particular story in mind though; I never do. My process of making art is much more organic in that the story builds itself as I paint and the ideas become manifest through the deliberate design of composition, placement of detail, and juxtaposition of color. The painting comes to full realization only when a viewer stands in front of it and builds a story informed by their life experience.  

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