"You said that I had inspired you once with an experiment where I showed that a simple piece of paper could become structurally strong simply by wading it up and then unfolding it. The un-crumpled paper could not hold itself upright but the crumpled paper could. You imagined we would each find strength in the wrinkles."

- LETTERS TO THE DEVELOPER excerpt from Craig Dykers, snohetta to Glauco Lolli Ghetti, Urban Muse 


Ideas City is an experiment in ideas and discussions based on sustainability of the future of the city built with art and culture at the core. Ideas City is a multi-city annual meeting for creative and political forces focusing on the development and future design of your city. This year a meeting took place in New York City at Sara D. Roosevelt Park, close to the New Museum (the festival organizer).


The Park was partitioned into different meeting circles one with continuing talks and another focusing on art projects and other open air like studio spaces to read and draw and discuss. Questions like "Who does the city belong to?" and "How do I run for Major?' and "how to we unveil the invisible city?"...


"I don't have answers but I think we should force ourselves to ask more difficult questions," says Amin Husain, @decolonize_this #IdeasCity


For more information about this Ideas City and future Ideas City go to http://www.ideas-city.org/#