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Anders Olson and Fulvio Castelli are LUMISET a creative duo who met three years ago in Stockholm and have released an interactive website where one can listen to their most recent recordings. LUMISET in Finnish, when translated into English literally, means ‘snow covered'.  “When the first recording 'Arrivals/Departures' was completed we were convinced that is was the audial representation of a train station in the dead of winter... We found the sound we were looking for and kept going,” says Fulvio. 


“Each track started with us playing and recording an instrument, like a modular synth, a vibraphone or anything else we could find lying around. We then sampled our own recordings and processed the sounds over and over. From there an arrangement started to take shape,” he continues.


The tracks for this album were recorded on a small island in the center of Stockholm called  Långholmen during winter. This island was the home of the largest prison in Sweden which closed in the 70’s and the buildings were converted to a hotel and museum and is the home of LUMISET’S recording studio.


I was initially captivated by this album because of its inherent balance and disruptiveness. While listening to the tracks and watching the colors on the website spiral and change color with each click there are definite glimmers of hope between the repetition of beats and loops similar to trudging through deep snow and seeing your destination on the horizon. The sounds leave a soft touch on your skin like a vibration and layers as snow covers the ground like a blanket. And as it melts, it gently reveals what was lost.


Currently, Anders is making electronic music as one half of the duo Monster & Maskiner and Fulvio is working on some projects described here: We are excited to hear and see more from LUMISET.


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