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No. 2


- Persistence of Vision - December 2016 - 

table of contents



Teri Donovan lives and works in Toronto. She uses mixed media to address paradoxes that shape awareness, thoughts, and behaviours in work that examines agency, perception and memory, and societal impacts on identity.




Paula Rae Gibson was born in London,took up photography in her early 20's.She is self taught, leaning mainly on analogue and darkroom work.




Odysseas Padoulas composes artworks by combining letters, images and objects. His artworks are often edited graphically. Padoulas is a graphic designer by profession.



Nikolaus Legrady is a visual artist, anti-hero and protagonist who is expecting trouble.  He steps out of the art world’s blind spot, deconstructing myths and fictions.  Emerging as a hybrid between technical wizard, as buster, and political commentator, he moves through a world of political, social, and cultural intrigue, trends, and events.

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