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The Toronto International Art Fair (Oct 24 - 27, 2014) was this past weekend showcasing an array of Canadian artists and international artists. If you’ve never been to an art fair in Toronto, then this is the one to go to. Here you will see works from Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris, Painter’s Eleven Kazuo Nakamura and Jack Bush, and contemporaries Evan PennyEdward Burtynsky, and Kim Dorland. And that’s only the Canadian artists!


Like previous years, TIAF was bustling with students, exhibitors, curators, press, art buyers, and just regular people trying to see what all the hype is about. There is such a wide variety of artworks on display; from modern works to Contemporary, paintings to installations, sculptures and photographs. It is definitely difficult for someone to not be able to find something here that they like.






As you browse through the maze like floor plan, you will not miss Toronto based artist, Thrush HolmesThe Break Room near the west end of the fair.This half finished man cave commissioned by Art Toronto, shows Holmes’ carpentry ability that you wouldn’t normally see in his paintings. If you are a big Holmes fan, then you will notice the symbolic neon lights inside The Break Room that gives way to his artistic style.






One of the more unique pieces was shown at Galerie Anita Beckers from Frankfurt. The Old Boy’s Club set up an interesting display of LCD projected animations on top playful illustrations. Many people have stopped in front of this installation, marvelling at all the details put into this piece.






Neon lights seem to be increasingly more popular. Both Mike Weiss Gallery and Mayberry Fine Art exhibited artists that use neon lights in their work. Ben Skinner's A Heart Makes a Bad Hula Hoop, and Thrush HolmesYeah and Party Room included the use of neon lights to make their work comical and cheeky.






Year after year, TIAF has been able to deliver an exciting selection of galleries and artist from Canada and all over the world. Most of Toronto’s top galleries such as the Christopher Cutts GalleryPm GalleryNeubacher Shor ContemporaryAngell Gallery, and Nicholas Metivier Gallery are all regular exhibitors here. If you were not able to attend TIAF this year, then make sure it is on your list of events for 2015.









By: JZ

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